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S'iz Yontev, Kinder! Lomir Zingen! Songbook and CD
These 22 Yiddish folk songs are a precious legacy for the next generation. The songbook lyrics appear in Yiddish, in transliteration and with English summaries. Each song also has a vocabulary list in all three formats. In addition, sheet music and guitar chords are provided. The words are spoken before each song to teach the correct pronunciation and the CD features Cindy, a children's chorus and four other soloists, including two cantors.

Celebrate With Cindy 2 CD's and Lyric Book
Volumes 1 & 2 in a new 2-CD set. A classic collection of 60 Jewish holiday songs with bright arrangements and clear sparkling voices. Israeli and American favorites for ages 4 to 10 years. Lyric book included.

Shabbat Shalom 1 CD and Lyric Book
Exquisite arrangements and warm textured harmonies weave a wonderful welcome for the Sabbath table. Beginning with children’s songs, Cindy winds her way into mature Shabbat melodies that will bring the entire family together each Friday night. Lyric book included.
Chanukah - A Singing Celebration 1 CD and Lyric Book
A delightful blend of American and Israeli favorites to enjoy as the dreidles spin, the latkes sizzle and the candles illuminate homes and hearts. Cindy’s passionate musical renditions kindle the spirit and flavor of Chanukah. Lyric book included.
A Singing Seder 1 CD and Lyric Book
Cindy’s lively renditions of familiar Passover songs from the Hagaddah are refreshingly upbeat and contemporary. Both traditional and modern melodies are included to enliven and enhance your Seder. Lyric book included.
What a Happy Day 1 CD and Lyric Book
Cindy has blended an assortment of Israeli children’s games, dances and everyday songs, with a dash of American Jewish music to create a joyous recording, using a variety of musical styles from Latin rhythms to folk and country. Lyric book included.
Zing Along With Cindy 1 CD and Lyric Book
Nineteen gems from the rich treasures of Yiddish folk music. These songs are a precious legacy, whose love of life and warmth of heart are gifts to the next generation. Favorites include: Alle Brider, Oy Mayn Kepele, Bulbes, Tumbalalayke, Oyfn Pripetshik, Di Grine Kuzine Lyric book included.
Yavo Shalom 1 CD and Lyric Book
Cindy’s sparkling voice together with Maya Haddi-Zebley radiates a delightful blend to contemporary Israeli songs. Their energetic style and terrific harmonies will connect you to the spirit, history and dream of Israel. Singable English verses are included in the 15 songs to assist you in understanding some of the best of Israeli music.
Koleet: A Celebration of Jewish Folk Music 1 CD
Koleet, prdouced by Cindy Paley, is an exciting new ensemble bringing together three distinctive voices (Cindy Paley, Ann Brown and Amy Helperin Krivis) in celebration of Jewish music. Their vocal harmonies and instrumentations feature both new and traditional arrangements which span the multitude of languages reflected in Jewish culture.