.Zing Along With Cindy.

Nineteen gems from the rich treasures of Yiddish folk music. These songs are a precious legacy, whose love of life and warmth of heart are gifts to the next generation. Favorites include: Alle Brider, Oy Mayn Kepele, Bulbes, Tumbalalayke, Oyfn Pripetshik, Di Grine Kuzine

Lyric book included.

Click on blue underlined song titles to hear a sample.

1. Ale Brider
2. Lomir Bagrisn
3. Lomir Zingen A Yiddish Lid
4. Hob Ikh A Por Oksn
5. Oy Mayn Kepele
6. Mitn Zegele
7. Bulbes
8. A Yingele, A Meydele
9. Amol In Geven
10. Story - Something Out Of Nothing
11. Hob Ikh Mir A Mantl
12. Hobn Mir A Nigundl
13. Tumbalalayke
14. Oyfn Pripetshik
15. Sha Shtil!
16. Der Rebe Elimelech
17. Di Grine Kuzine
18. Lomir Ale in Eynem
19. Brider