.S'iz Yontev, Kinder! Lomir Zingen!.
(It's a Holiday, Children! Let's Sing!)

These 22 Yiddish folk songs are a precious legacy for the next generation. The songbook lyrics appear in Yiddish, in transliteration and with English summaries. Each song also has a vocabulary list in all three formats. In addition, sheet music and guitar chords are provided. The words are spoken before each song to teach the correct pronunciation and the CD features Cindy, a children's chorus and four other soloists, including two cantors.

Songbook and CD

Click on blue underlined song titles to hear a sample.

Chiri Bim
Shabes, Shabes
A Suke/A Suke, A Kleyne
Kinder, Mir Hobn Simkhes-Toyre
Khanike Oy Khanike
Drey Zikh, Dreydele
Ikh Bin a Kleyner Dreydl
O, Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh
Fayer, Fayer
In Khoydesh Shvat
Haynt iz Purim
Di Fir Kashes
In Dem Land Fun Piramidn
Tayere Malke
Zog Maran
Zog Nit Keynmol
Shtil, Di Nakht iz Oysgeshternt
Zol Shoyn Kumen di Geule