.Koleet: a Celebration of Jewish Folk Music.

With Koleet's incredible musical arranger, Uri Ophir, and the voices of Cindy Paley, Ann Brown and Amy Helperin Krivis, Hebrew, Yiddish, Russion and Ladino melodies and rhythms are woven together to create an enchanting program of Jewish folk music.

Click on blue underlined song titles to hear a sample.

1. Shir Sameach Medley
2. Avre Tu Puerta
3. Los Bilbilicos
4. Chassidic Medley
5. Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn
6. Abi Gezunt
7. Dror Yikra
8. Likrat Kalah
9. Margaritkelech
10. Uyizhal Dalyoku Myily
11. Katyushka Medley
12. Hachigiga Nigmeret