.Chanukah: a Singing Celebration.

A delightful blend of American and Israeli favorites to enjoy as the dreidles spin, the latkes sizzle and the candles illuminate homes and hearts. Cindy’s passionate musical renditions kindle the spirit and flavor of Chanukah.

Lyric book included.

Click on blue underlined song titles to hear a sample.

1. Chanukah Chag Yafe
2. Mi Y'malel
3. Blessings Over the Candles
4. Hanerot Hallalu
5. Maoz Tsur
6. Y'mey HaChanukah
7. Chanukah oh Chanukah
8. Eight Days of Chanukah
9. Hava Narimah
10. Al Hanisim
11. Banu Choshech
12. Ner Li
13. Lichvod HaChanukah
14. Nerotai Haze'irim
15. Eight Candles
16. S'vivon
17. Bo'u Hena Yeladim
18. Levivot
19. The Latke Song
20. Light One Candle